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Backup and Restore

Backup & Restore is a service of NKE allowing for regular backups and recovery
of cluster data and configuration.


Customers of NKE need peace of mind that their cluster configuration and
Persistent Volume Claim (PVC) data is backed up and can be made available when
needed, for security and disaster recovery. Therefore Nine regularly creates
automated backups and on customer request engages in recovery and deployment
of those backups.

Data of Persistent Volumes is snapshotted and stored redundantly across our
virtualization infrastructure. Kubernetes resource backups are saved in an
Object Storage Bucket.


Backup/Restore is available as standard with NKE.


  • Backups of data and configuration will automatically be taken nightly
  • Backups are retained for 30 days by default
  • You can restore namespaces yourself

Restoring namespaces

To create restores, the velero utility needs to be installed locally.

You can restore a complete namespace yourself. First you need to find the
backup from which you want to restore. Execute the following command to list
all backups:

velero backup get -n nine-system

Once you found the backup from which you want to restore, you can restore the
whole content of one namespace into another one by using:

velero restore create -n nine-system --from-backup <identifiedBackup> --include-namespaces <namespaceToBeRestored> --namespace-mappings <namespaceToBeRestored>:<targetNamespace>

If you want to restore the content of an existing namespace, you either delete
the target namespace before restoring it or you delete all existing resources
which would be restored by velero. Velero does not overwrite any existing

velero restore create -n nine-system --from-backup <identifiedBackup> --include-namespaces <namespaceToBeRestored>

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