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Email Autodiscovery

Email Autodiscovery/Autoconfig is a service which allows the email client to discover the correct settings based on the email address. Email clients known to work with Autodiscovery/Autoconfig for IMAP/SMTP include

  • Outlook 2013
  • Thunderbird

How to activate Autodiscovery/Autoconfig

To enable Autodiscovery/Autoconfig for your domain to automatically setup the email servers the following DNS records are required.

autoconfig.maildomain.tld.           IN CNAME
autodiscover.maildomain.tld.         IN CNAME
_autodiscover._tcp.maildomain.tld.   IN SRV     0 0 443

Check Outlook Autodiscover

Microsoft offers an Outlook Autodiscover check on their Remote Connectivity Analyser website. Select the Outlook Autodiscover check in the Microsoft Office Outlook Connectivity Tests section. Repeat the email address for Domain\User Name if this field is required.

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