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FTPAdmin is a web tool for creating and managing FTP user accounts. Users created in FTPAdmin may only connect via FTP and SFTP, not via SSH. Access to a sub-directory of the home directory can be limited for each user.

All scripts uploaded via FTP continue to be run by the web server as user www-data.

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User administration


All user accounts created have a home directory beginning with /home/www-*. A private or shared home directory can be assigned to users within this path.


If a user account is no longer required, it can be deleted via “Edit” -> “Delete” this account. The user’s home directory is not deleted automatically; it must be deleted manually.


User accounts can be edited via the “Edit” function in the user overview panel. The user’s password, login name and home directory can be changed here.

Change the admin password

The admin password can be changed via the “change password” function in the title bar.

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