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FTPAdmin: Access via scp/SFTP

All users set up through FTPAdmin can connect to the server both via FTP(S) and scp/SFTP. Port 1122 must be used to connect to the server.

In scp the port can be specified with -P in the command line as follows:

$ scp -P 1122 source.file

SSH public key authentication is available alongside password authentication. The SSH public key must be stored in RFC4716 format in the file ~/.sftp/authorized_keys in the home directory of the specific user. The following command can be used to convert the SSH public key from OpenSSH format to RFC4716:

$ ssh-keygen -e -f .ssh/id_rsa

Important: The comment must be removed from the public key.

Windows clients

We recommend the following clients for Windows:

Mac OS

We recommend the following clients for Mac OS:

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