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How do I order an SSL certificate?


With an SSL certificate you can secure the web traffic to and from your web servers.

To order your certificate it is required to confirm the validity of your domain with a verification email to one of the following email addresses:

  • admin@
  • administrator@
  • hostmaster@
  • postmaster@
  • webmaster@

For security reasons you need access to one of the email addresses mentioned above.
The certificate authority will not accept any other email address.

The verification mail will contain a validation code which needs to be entered on the verification page referenced in the mail.

Besides the domain please provide the desired certificate type, duration of validity and also the email address to use for the verification email.

We are happy to receive your order via

Needed informations with an EV certificate

For the order of an EV certificate (extended validation) the certificate authority needs some more informations. Those are as follows:

1) Administrative contact in the company

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email of the administrative contact
  • Phone number of the administrative contact

2) Company details (from a public phone book, company register or similar)

  • Company name
  • Division
  • Main Phone Number
  • Address, State/Province, City, Postal code

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