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How do I work out a good String Check / Action Plan for my SLA?

String Check

A stringcheck can be generated dynamically; therefore, your whole app can be checked before the string appears on the page. Here are some examples of what can be checked:


  • Is it possible to establish a database connection?
  • Is the database writable?
  • Is the database responding in a timely manner?


  • Are all the caches current?
  • Reponsetime
  • Are the needed modules available?

Other Services

  • Are the services all reachable?


  • Are the dependencies required by your app met (Some restrictions apply to this, see next topic)?

What can not be checked through the String Check?

  • Dependencies on Systems that are not hosted at
  • Dependencies on ROOT-(V)Server
  • General server operation like disk usage or CPU load. We monitor server operation separately from string checks.

Action Plan

Why do I need an Action Plan?

  • Without an proper Action Plan we can’t support you in keeping your app online.
  • We don’t know your app; therefore, it’s essential that you tell us what we can do in an emergency.
  • There is not much benefit to the SLA without an Action Plan.

What do I need to consider while writing the Action Plan?

  • Assume we have no idea about your application. Explain step by step what we need to do under what circumstances
  • We carry out the action plan blindly. If a step is to be executed only under certain conditions (for example, because it is destructive), these conditions should be clearly formulated.
  • The action plan’s focus is your application. Assume that the server is working 100% correctly (we ensure this outside the SLA)
  • For each step, describe:
    • What’s the purpose of this action
    • How is it done (step by step tutorial)
    • What’s the expected result / output
  • You can build ‘if, then else’ conditions in your Action Plan.

What are the usual steps in an action plan?

  • Delete application caches or temporary files
  • Restoring a previous version
  • Configuration changes (e. g. deactivate individual features)
  • Redeployment of the app

What dosen’t belong in you Action Plan?

  • Restart of services / servers managed by nine. ch (e. g. Apache / MySQL), because they are monitored by us independent of the SLA / at our discretion.
  • Escalation. We escalate the problem automatically if the action plan does not solve the problem. From this point in time, the case shall be deemed to have been closed for us until the customer actively reports to us for support.

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