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Manage buckets and users


To use our Object Storage product you need to manage two objects in the cockpit.

Bucket: A bucket is a kind of container in which you will store your data. Each file you upload to a bucket is identified by a unique name, comparable to the file name on your hard disk.

Bucket User: Each user you create can have access to multiple buckets. Each user has an “access key” and a “secret key”. With this information you can store and retrieve files.

Create user

You can create users under the tab Bucket Users in our Self-Service Portal. Each user needs a unique name. You also need to specify here which site a user should have access to. A user can only have access to one site at a time.

Create buckets

You create buckets under the corresponding tab in our Self-Service Portal. You must specify a unique name.

You can make the following settings:

Encryption: This will encrypt the data in the system.
Versioning: The files are stored versioned. This of course uses more memory, but the data is safer e.g. from unwanted overwriting.
Public readable: The data can be downloaded without specifying access and secret key.
Public list: A list of the files in the bucket can be retrieved via the specified public URL. However, this only works if “Public readable” is also enabled.
Location: Defines the location of the data.

With the exception of Location, you can change these settings at any time later.

After saving, you can define which users should have access to the new bucket. We distinguish between read-only access and write access. Only users from the same location can be selected.

Which location should I choose?

The choice of location is crucial if you use your bucket for backups. In this case, you should not choose the same datacenter where your server is already located.

How do I access my buckets?

Accessing buckets is basically done via the S3 compatible API. There are various tools and framework integrations for this.

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