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Manage buckets and users

Our customer interface Cockpit allows you to create and manage our “Object Storage” product in a self service fashion.


Bucket: A bucket represents a container in which you store your data.

Bucket User: Each user created can be granted access to multiple buckets. Each user has an “access key” and a “secret key”. This information is required to log in to the system.

Which “Location” should I choose?

The choice of the “Location” plays an important role if you want to use your bucket for backups. In this case, it is advisable not to create the bucket in the same data center where your systems are located.

On the other hand, if you want to mount the bucket directly on your systems via a network protocol, it would be advisable to choose the “Location” where your systems are located due to lower latencies.

Create user

You create users under the Bucket Users tab in our Self-Service Portal.

A user can only be granted access to those buckets that have been created in the same “Location”.

Create buckets

You create buckets under the Bucket tab in our Self-Service Portal. Mandatorily, you must specify a unique name.

The following settings are optional:

Encryption: This will encrypt the data in the system.
Versioning: The files are stored versioned. This takes up more storage space, but protects the data from being overwritten.
Public readable: The bucket’s data can be accessed or downloaded without authentication.
Public list: A list of the files in the bucket can be retrieved using the specified public URL. The option requires that “Public readable” has been enabled.
Location: Defines the location of the data.

All options, except for “Location”, can be adjusted later as needed.

After saving, you can specify which users should have access to the new bucket. Users can be granted read access or write access.

Only users from the same “Location” where the bucket was created can be selected.

How do I access my buckets?

Buckets can be accessed via the S3-compatible API or via HTTP. Various open source tools and framework integrations are available for this purpose.


per GB
Storage 0,09 CHF
Outbound traffic 0,02 CHF

The storage space is billed per started gigabyte. If you need more than 1 TB of storage, please contact us to adjust your quota.

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