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PostgreSQL Extensions

PostgreSQL extensions allow PostgreSQL databases to be extended by additional functionalities, such as new data types and functions. These extensions can be activated in our setup in Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 14.04 per database.

We support a number of extensions, which can activated by the database user.

PostGIS is also available, see notes below.

Query to list the supported extensions:

www-data@myhost:~$ echo 'show extwlist.extensions' | psql --user=mydbuser mydb

To use one of the supported extensions in your database, open a database connection and run the following command:

www-data@myhost:~$ psql --user=mydbuser mydb
psql (9.5.3)
Type "help" for help.

mydb=> create extension pgcrypto;

Supported extension

  • Hstore: nativ key value store for PostgreSQL.
    Activate with: create extension hstore

  • Intarray:
    manipulation and operations on arrays of integers.
    Activate with: create extension intarray

  • Pgcrypto: cryptographic functions for encryption and decryption done and handled in the database.
    Activate with: create extension pgcrypto

  • UUID Generator:
    Creation of Universally Unique Identifiers (UUID, RFC 4122) done in the database.
    Activate with: create extension uuid-ossp


PostGIS is also available on our system.

In addition to the extension we will supply further granted rights. For this activation, please contact our support (, +41 44 637 40 40).

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