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Solr is an index server for full-text searches built on Apache Lucene. Communication with Solr is performed via HTTP. HTTP POST enables various file formats to be created as documents and then indexed. The index is retrieved via HTTP GET. offers the following versions of Solr:

  • Solr 3.6
  • Solt 4.2


Access to Solr is permitted as standard by the host via HTTP through the relevant port. Access can be permitted for other hosts on request.

Version Ports
Solr 3.6 8936
Solr 4.2 8942


Solr is based on a multi-core configuration. Cores are independent indexes that can be configured and used independently from one another. A core named default and the configuration provided in the Solr distribution is set up as standard. Further cores can be set up on request and configured globally or independently. To be able to configure a core correctly, various application-specific files are required. Please provide us with the following files:

File Required Description
solrconfig.xml Yes Basic configuration of the Solr Cores.
schema.xml Yes Schema of the core, the schema is analog to the one in a relational database.
stopwords.txt Optional
further plugins Optional

The relevant paths can be taken from the list below.


Nine Solr 3.6 Nine Solr 4.2
Core configuration /var/lib/solr/solr36//conf/ /var/lib/solr/solr42//conf/
Core data /var/lib/solr/solr36//data/ /var/lib/solr/solr42//data/
Customer plugin /var/lib/solr/solr36/contrib//lib/ /var/lib/solr/solr42/contrib//lib/
Solr libraries /usr/share/solr36/lib/ /usr/share/solr42/lib/
Solr contrib libraries /usr/share/solr42/contrib/

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