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uWSGI Emperor

The uWSGI managed service provides an Emperor-mode uWSGI that is managed and monitored by The Emperor function is monitored, not the functionality of your application. If required, an SLA can be engineered to monitor your application. Please contact us if you require this.

The vassal configuration files are expected to be found under ~/uwsgi.d/. Four processes of /home/www-data/ are started in the following example. For communication purposes Unix socket /home/www-data/ is used.

The last four lines are important to ensure that vassal logging data can be written. Log output is not available without configured logging.

uwsgi-socket = /home/www-data/
chmod-socket = 660
master = 1
processes = 4
enable-threads = 1
uid = www-data
gid = www-data
plugins = python27
file = /home/www-data/

logfile-chown = true
plugin = logfile
log-file = /home/www-data/
logto = /home/www-data/
req-logger = file:/home/www-data/

For nine-manage-vhosts a template which passes all queries on to ~/<domain>/<domain>.sock is available. We would be happy to work with you to devise a suitable template tailored to your requirements.

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