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What happens in the event of a hardware defect?

If possible, we will perform a repair as arranged. The parts and replacement are covered by our hardware warranty, so you will not be charged.

In the event of serious problems or a complete hardware failure, we will restore the server with a configuration as close to the original state as possible within no longer than one business day. It’s important that the operation of your services is restored as quickly as possible. Missing upgrades will be reinstalled.
Please note that the server platform may have changed in the meantime. For this reason, we recommend always using the current kernel version in order to prevent potential incompatibilities.

The replacement server will have the same IP address. Remember that it will be provided in its ‘raw’ state; i.e. with the basic configuration. For critical applications, we recommend the creation of a backup in order to automate the data protection and, most importantly, quickly restoring the data quickly in case of emergency.

Please contact us ( in advance to discuss alternative rescue scenarios, For example, restoration of your backup from DVDs or an external hard disk. We can advise you on the feasibility and any associated costs.

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