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What is included in the definition of ‘Managed’?

The server management provided by ensures a smooth operation.

Specifically, this includes the following components:

Installation, configuration installs the necessary software/services from reliable software repositories. manages the appropriate configuration files and handles customer requests, as far as is technically possible and reasonable. is not responsible for customer-specific software, such as CMS.


Security patches for software installed by are installed on an ongoing basis as they are released. If this requires a disruption to service, will inform customers in advance. Customers are responsible for installation of updates for their own software.

Brute force protection protects its servers against brute force attacks on SSH and FTP. Failed login attempts of these services on all Managed Servers are analysed and the offending IP is blocked temporarily once a specific number of attempts is exceeded.

Monitoring of services, disk space, RAID provides round-the-clock monitoring of the contracted services. In the event of a malfunction, a (standby) technician will be notified automatically by and will restore operation as quickly as possible. In addition, the utilisation of CPU hard disk capacity and the status of RAID are analysed proactively in order to avoid any potential problems.


Each night, creates a dump of the databases. In addition, the entire server (including DB dump) is backed up file by file to two storage systems, at least one of which is located at a location separate from the Managed Server (off-site). This backup does not include directories that typically contain temporary files/caches (e.g. /tmp). This daily full backup is saved for seven days. For security reasons, external access to the storage system is not possible. Any recovery of the data is performed by’s support (subject to a charge).

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