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Why do I receive a warning that my mailbox is full even though I only have a few emails in my email program?

Have you received a notification stating that your mailbox is full or almost full? Please proceed as follows:

If you have deleted all emails from your email client, there may be some emails still present on the servers run by, depending on the way your email client is configured. To resolve this problem, please log in at using your email access data.

  • Click on Settings in the upper right-hand corner.
    Uploaded Image

  • Now access the server settings on the left.

  • Make sure that Flag the message for deletion instead of delete is not selected. Click on Save.
    Uploaded Image

  • Click on E-Mail in the upper right-hand corner.

  • Now select all hidden messages and click on the Move to recycle bin symbol at the top of the message.
    Uploaded Image

  • Now go to the Deleted folder on the left.

  • Select all hidden messages and click on the Delete message symbol.
    Uploaded Image

  • All messages retained in the file will now be deleted and the storage space will be available to you once again.

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